We offer a choice between Din / ISO fasteners and our unique Motorsport Range.  We can also offer Precision Engineered Bespoke & Custom Parts.  From stock our products are offered in 6al-4V Titanium, 316 Stainless Steel & 7075T6 Aluminium.  We can manufacture to order in other materials on request as a bespoke item.

We manufacture in the UK using single process on multi-axis CNC machining centres, which includes thread rolling. Thread standards are to BS3692:1967, the British Standard for ISO Precision Metric Threads, and route radii vary between 0.8mm and 0.4mm, the maximum that we can use to improve shear strength. Thread lead varies between K1 and K2. We also supply items machined from bar.

Titanium: Made from aircraft grade titanium 6AL-4V (grade 5), the outstanding benefits are that we roll the threads to produce greater fatigue strength and reduce galling. These bolts are in excess of 120,000psi ultimate tensile strength, suitable to replace both Grade 5 and Grade 8 steel bolts. We offer Drilled Flanged Hex Head Bolts, Flanged Hex Head, Tapered Socket Cap, Countersunk and Dome Head Bolts in addition to our Din/ISO range and also Nuts and Washers – from 3mm to 12mm.  Titanium is 40% lighter than steel equivalent bolts

Aluminium: Manufactured from 7075T6 aluminium, and suitable for use in all non-safety critical areas, all products are available in a choice of black, blue, gold, orange, purple, red and silver. During manufacturing, the head is cold formed and the shank thread rolled. The anodising involves chemically brightening and colour anodising to between 8 and 12 microns thick. We offer Drilled Flanged Hex Head, Socket Cap Bolts, Countersunk Bolts, Dome Head Bolts, Nuts and Washers – from 3mm to 10mm.  Aluminium offers an outstanding weight reduction of 60% lighter than equivalent steel bolts.

Stainless Steel: Manufactured from 316 stainless steel which gives superior strength and corrosion resistance. Pro-Bolt is the first to provide Tapered Socket Caps, Flanged Hex Head, Dome Head Bolts and Countersunk Bolts in stainless steel in addition to our Din/ISO Range. We offer a unique material in unique head styles – and polished to an unmatched mirror finish. Stainless steels are iron alloys with a minimum of 10.5% chromium, with other elements added (nickel, molybdenum, titanium, copper, carbon, nitrogen) to enhance properties such as formability and strength. A chromium-rich, oxide film gives stainless steel its corrosion resistance - a thin, strong film which is chemically stable and which will usually self-repair in sufficient oxygen.

The Din / IOS Range

We offer the following range of fasteners, nuts and washers in metric sizes M3 – M12 as standard.  These fasteners are manufactured to Din/ISO standards.  We can offer fasteners outside this range on request.

The Pro-Bolt Range

Our unique head styles have been designed in close Top Motorsport Teams, we have created unique head styles with the aim of reducing material therefore un-sprung weight.  This is an industry where shaving fractions of a second from lap times is crucial to success.  The shafts of our bolts are designed to comply with ISO / Din standards.

Bespoke & Custom Parts

Pro-Bolt have over 15 years’ experience in supplying Aluminium Titanium & Stainless Steel components to many industry sectors.  With our latest multi-axis sliding head machines and thread rolling capabilities, we are able to offer simple or complex components from 0.5mm to 40mm in.  We are able to offer lower volume  requirements either by product sample or drawing, all backed by ISO 9001 traceability and material certification where required. 


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• Aerospace
• Architectural Products
• Automotive
• Communications
• Containers
• Defence
• Electrical
• Marine
• Medical / Laboratory
• Mining
• Mobility
• Music
• Optical
• Furniture
• Industrial Tools
• Orthopaedic Prosthetics
• Rail
• Refrigeration